Q: Spooky Hollow Pumpkin Festival Crashes on certain pages!
A: This is because the iPad has run out of memory and cannot properly load the animation.

First, try to close all other apps as specified here by Apple.  Once all other apps have been closed, try again.

If that does not resolve the crash, then put the App into "Graphics Lite Mode" as described in the next question.

Q: How do I put Spooky Hollow Pumpkin Festival into "Graphics Lite Mode"?
A: This can be done by the pressing on the "Settings" Button in the bottom left corner of the bookshelf screen and toggling the Graphics Lite switch so that it is on.

If you do not see the Graphics Lite button, then verify that your version number is at least 1.2.6. If not please upgrade via the app store.

Enabling/Disabling Graphics Lite Mode

Enabling/Disabling Graphics Lite Mode